Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tossell v Toews

According to Globe and Mail columnist Ivor Tossell you can't have your cake and tweet it too. In his words, "compulsive meal photography takes something that's tasty and turns it into something dreary." 

Well there goes my plan to write about the rice bowl I made tonight.

As I quickly snapped a picture of our plated dinner earlier tonight Jeffrey started, "I read an article in the Globe today about.."

"I read it too," I interjected.


"Let's just eat," I said. 

The article even had a picture of a French macaroon next to the headline. It was as though Ivor was talking directly to me and I didn't like it. Not one bit. 

I have often wondered if starting a blog that documents the minutia that make up my days was a little narcissistic. Really, who cares? But that is precisely where I think Mr. Tossell got it wrong. I think people do care. Vic Toews certainly does. I am, of course, not referring specifically to this blog (I am not that narcissistic).  People may not care about every detail of every meal others eat, but if people really didn't care about the daily lives of others would facebook and twitter even exist, let alone be so popular? 

Tossell laments that though he has always been a proponent of the idea that sharing "simple observations can make great starting points for bigger conversations", some observations are too mundane to share (I am sure he was not thinking about tofu and rice when he wrote that). Though this is likely true, who decides what is worth sharing and what isn't? Who defines simple and at what point has the conversation become bigger? Don't be such a hater Tossell - stop trolling flick'r and instagram and head to a museum if you want to see great photography. What did you expect? 

In honour of Mr. Tossell I will not write about my delicious, healthy, but probably not "a starting point for bigger conversation" rice bowl. Instead I will leave you with a few choice images. If there is anything more mundane than the preparation of daily meals it has got to be cleaning.

You're welcome Ivor.



{Violet cleaning up after herself *}
{serious about sanitation}

* I can't get enough of our Dirt Devil  - so much easier than getting out the vacuum 


  1. Emily - On one hand, let me apologize for interrupting your meal. On the other, I have to tell you that the blog post kinda made my day. I would feel worse about it, but the photos you posted instead are so great that I feel that - for this day, at least - everybody won.


  2. Ivor,

    I have to admit I am pretty stoked you read my blog post. Thanks for the kind words (and sense of humour). I'm happy to have made your day.