Friday, March 23, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{alphonso mangos}

When you eat dessert every day it stops being a treat, no big surprise. After six weeks of back to back birthday celebrations we noticed the wee one had come to expect something sweet after every meal (and sometimes in between). Rather than merge birthday season with mini-egg season (although as I write this that sounds like heaven) we decided to lay off the refined sugar until Easter. Enter the alphonso mango: nature's candy. They are softer, sweeter and even more delicious than "regular" mangos. According to wikipedia they are only in season for two months, which is how I justify eating two a day.


Yesterday I was feeling a little blue so I picked up a potted hyacinth during my trip to the grocery store. After a day on our south facing window sill the flowers have started to come out. They are one of my favourite spring flowers, especially the cornflower blue variety. The smell is what really makes hyacinth special. Our dining room smells amazing. They were just the pick me up I needed.

{outdoor picnics in March}

Last night we met my parents at Point Pleasant Park for a picnic. You can't beat sandwiches, pellegrino, fresh fruit and homemade banana bread served on a stadium blanket. Violet led the way on a post dinner walk though the woods. We walked on the beach in bare feet. It was so fun seeing all of the people walking around, where has everyone been all winter! Last Friday evening we were sledding. The weather has been some kind of crazy, but I am not complaining!

{recipes shared between friends}

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our friends sent us some recipes to try (remember the mung beans...yum). Well, we have another winner: bulgar mint and mango salad. It is a little like amped up tabbouleh. Imagine my delight at the prospect of eating more mango! Thanks for another great one Heiberts! Jeff made this salad (and photographed it) on Wednesday. He delivered it to me so I would have a nutritious supper between work and my night class. What a gem!

Despite my slightly negative post yesterday, I am very grateful. How about you?




  1. The salad looks delish! Can I get the recipe please?

    1. I can't find it online. Send me your email and I will flip you the word document I have. It is so yummy - and healthy!