Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Going to the movies alone

Have you ever gone to the movies alone?

I have and it is kind of liberating. No more waiting for a time and a date that suits someone else. Want to see a movie? Just go!

Jeff and I have been trying to make it out to see Blue Jasmine for a week, but the stars have yet to align and I am about ready to go it alone.

My dad used to go to movies by himself when I was growing up. My mum won’t watch anything scarier than Law & Order, which meant a lot of the movies he wanted to see didn’t meet her criteria. I always thought it was pretty cool of him.

I remember the first time I went to see a movie by myself. I had just broken up with a boyfriend and it was the kind of break-up where you lie in bed for days (oh the luxuries of post-secondary education) and lose 5lbs because all you can stomach are Swedish berries. I remember looking in the mirror with puffy eyes and saying to myself, you’ve gotta get a grip girl. And so I went to the movies alone, at the Oxford, and it was wonderful.

I should admit that not all of my solo movie going adventures have gone so smoothly. I remember one year during the Halifax Film Festival I decided at the last minute to catch a movie. I’m not exactly a movie-aficionado and I didn’t recognize any of the films being featured that night. I told the woman at the booth that I’d see whatever she recommended. I have to admit I was feeling a little smug. Single women sees independent film and then maybe grabs a glass of wine alone. What a grown-up. What a cultured grown-up.

Anyway, I got my ticket and headed to the concession stand and bought a large bag of skittles (and thus my dream of sophistication ended). When I sat down in the theatre I noticed there were a lot of men, many single men. Hmmm. Weird, I thought as I stuffed my face with candy. I had a few minutes before the show started to look at the film festival brochure I had brought with me. Guess what? The film that I was about the see was part of the erotica series. Yup, you read that right. I was chowing down on a bag of skittles during the screening of an erotic movie. I couldn’t even leave because the director was in the theater. The movie was actually pretty good, not a lot more risque than what you see on HBO. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely pay closer attention to the movie summaries if I ever brave the film festival again!



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Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer is not over!

{dog days}

I keep hearing this is the last week of the summer. Would you say winter is almost over on the 26th of February? I didn't think so. We still have three glorious weeks of summer left and I for one have decided to enjoy every last minute of it. I'm going to keep the beach bag in the trunk and the BBQ fired up until it snows. Who's with me?

A week or so ago we headed to Hirtle's Beach for the afternoon. I know I've said other beaches are my favourite, but I think this one takes the award for most stunningly beautiful beach in Nova Scotia. It also takes the award for fanciest cottages dotted along the shore and most glamorous beach bums. Basically, Hirtle's Beach is Nova Scotia's answer to Saint Tropez (hashtag major exaggeration). 

I know there is a nip in the air and that school starts next week and that thick knit sweaters are starting to have a certain appeal, but if you are still inclined to feel salt in your hair and sun on your skin please join me in enjoying the remains of this the fairest of seasons. It is the only time of year it makes any sense to live in Canada. 



{Hirtle's Beach}

{gluten free muffins every bit as yummy as their gluten-full counterpart} 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mackerel Fishing

The day before we left PEI my grandfather arranged for his friend to take my parents, Jeff, Violet and I jigging for mackerel. There have been many members of the Harris family to make their living fishing off the east coast of PEI, but I  can now say my family is much better off as a result of the fact I will never be one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being out in the water on a sunny, summer morning, but I recoiled at the sight of the dying mackerel flip flopping across the deck of the boat and I had a full blown freak-out when a gull grabbed a fish I was reeling in! After I calmed myself down, and soothed my upset child who is unaccustomed to hearing me shriek, we had a lovely morning sailing in and around Murray Harbour. We caught heaps of fish, sometimes three at a time and even sampled the fruits of our labour while we were still out to sea – the freshest sushi around! Although I can't profess I am interested in taking up the family business, I had a lot of fun and I highly recommend raw mackerel. I've heard the cooked stuff isn't so good though...

Later today Jeff and I are heading to wedding in the valley. One of my sweetest friends is getting married, to another friend actually, and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot. I love weddings! I’m looking forward to toasting to their happiness and eating some homemade pie, not necessarily in that order!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.



{reluctant sailor} 
{bye bye dry land} 
{still not so sure} 
{the family business}
{two at a time!} 
{three at a time!}
{the cutest captain}

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anne of Green Gables

Reading Anne of Green Gables on the beach in PEI was nothing short of magical. I sometimes wonder if life is too short to reread novels, but I hadn't technically read AOGG myself, so I was off the hook. Despite the fact I hadn't read the novel as an adult I've always felt like the story was close to my heart. My father read it to my siblings and I when we were young, I've seen the movie so many times we actually wore out the VHS tape and I sang along to the musical many summer nights with my cousins in PEI. Couple this exposure to all things Anne with annual sojourns to PEI and you have a deeply routed love for little Ms. Shirley.

My love only deepened this summer as I followed Anne through the Haunted Wood, the White Way of Delight, Violet Vale and of course her beloved Green Gables. I marvelled at Anne's use of language and her healthy imagination. I fell more in love with Matthew and the tender love he pours on Anne. I wept bitterly when I read of his death. How many times can a person mourn a fictional character's death?! I also loved Marilla more than I did when I was a child. I always knew she was a kindred spirit deep down, but I had forgotten how funny she was and for the first time I think I understood the magnitude of the gift she and Matthew gave Anne. I also loved how driven Anne is. How refreshing to read about a young women who is dedicated to academic excellence. This has to have been rare when this book was written, no? What a great  role model for little girls everyone (big girls too).

All of this to say, read/ reread Anne of Green Gables if you get a chance this summer. Anne Shirley is one of the most delightful characters to ever light up the written page. In fact, I have decided to try and be more like Anne: imaginative, optimistic, hard-working and so so grateful.



Monday, August 19, 2013

PEI aka heaven on earth (in the summer)

We're back. Since I have nothing more to say on that subject (my mother taught me well), I'll leave you with approximately 6000 photos. If each one really is worth a thousand words, I guess this is a really long blog post.


{chip smiles}
{chip thug faces}
{stop taking pictures of us eating chips, ma}
{learning to swim ain't always pretty}
{papas are the best}
{beach eatin'}
{serious about dogs}
{condiment queen}
{papa's perfect s'more}
{it was enjoyed}
{again, tourist}

{the bugs came out}
{attempt one}
{attempt two}
{before attempt three a chicken came out of the flowers and chased my mum!}
{g&ts in the sun}
{our beach/ little piece of heaven}

{Violet realizes we're heading home}

Thursday, August 8, 2013


{and we're off!}
Oh my gosh, how fast do vacations go! We are already back from the Ontario leg of our holiday. I cannot believe it. We had SO much fun, and saw SO many friends and family. We're back in Halifax to do some laundry and repack a few suitcases before we head to a cottage in PEI. I wanted to post a few pictures from our trip, but I couldn't narrow it down so you'll have to excuse the following photo dump. That's what happens when you have the cutest niece and nephew in Canada and of course a daughter who isn't too bad herself ;)

Enjoy these pictures. See you when we get home from the island. I can almost feel that beautiful red sand between my toes.




{even besties don't always agree}
{but they do make up quickly!}
{Jeff = awesome uncle}
{angry faces}

{glamour girls}
{African Lion Safari}

{look at that form}

{family night fun night the Ontario version}

{sweet cousins soothing a hive covered Lady Vi}
{Wes = also an awesome uncle}
{TV in bed}

{reading cards to newborn William}

{A Nanny, a book, and a happy little girl}