Friday, March 9, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{starting a conversation}

I'm grateful that I am free to write about whatever I want to write about, no matter how insignificant someone (read: a certain Globe and Mail columnist) might think it is. On the plus side Margaret Wente was not my least favourite Globe columnist this week...

Try this tofu and cashew rice bowl for healthy comfort food. Perfect on a damp Halifax day. 

{judge this book by its cover}
With my to-do list in mind, and my birthday a mere 360 days away  I though I better start on my Dickens adventure. My sweet grandparents sent me some birthday money (I told them this tradition had to stop when I hit the big 3-0) so I bought this pretty copy of Great Expectations. My expectations are just that, great. If it doesn't work out at least this book with look good on my shelf.

{turkey cakes with wasabi guacamole}
This photo does not do justice to our dinner tonight. The lighting was terrible (we ate late) and Violet had low blood sugar (at least that is what I assumed as she lay wailing on the dining room floor). Despite the lighting and the meltdown, these little ditties are an awesome, fancy, asian version of a turkey burger. Also, guacamole with wasabi is best described as the delicious love child of Mexican and Japanese food: I'm never going back. How have I never heard of Yotam Ottolenghi until this week? Spicy, Isreali...not to mention his food. Dreams really do come true. 

{memories like this}

{of experiences like that}
Violet got a tricycle for her birthday. Thanks Nana and Papa! Yesterday was so warm we took it out for a spin after work. When we left the house I snapped a few pictures of her; she was so happy and excited. Two minutes later, when she realized that peddling is hard, a cloud came across her face. We made it less than a block, there were tears. Despite this, I know when I look back on these pictures I'll only remember how proud she looked in her new helmet. 

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