Sunday, March 11, 2012


{grapes & cornishware: brunch stapes}
Weekends always seem to fly by. Ours was full, but we had just enough quiet time to feel like we had a bit of a break (and by quiet time I obviously mean reprieve from complete chaos).

This afternoon Jeff and I hosted a few friends for a late afternoon brunch. I guess it was more of a "lupper" given the hour. I always have fun when I get together with girlfriends from high school. We are lucky to have our friend Erin who makes sure everyone stays connected (it doesn't hurt that she makes a mean pie crust - best quiche ever!)

Jeffrey has convinced me to watch a movie about the financial sector tonight - I must be more tired than I would like to admit.

I hope everyone had a lovely, restful weekend!

Hmmmm, what will we have for dinner this week?



{closet Anglophile - I love a cute toast rack}
{Erin's asparagus, salmon & goat cheese quiche}
{citrus to beat the winter blues}
{our ivy needed a hair cut, the trimmings looked pretty in an old jar}
{pretty little glasses on my beloved pink table cloth}
{coffee tastes better this way}

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