Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men

{Betty's Deviled Eggs}
Though Jeff and I are not the only ones excited about Mad Men's return to the small screen last night, the show has a special place in both of our hearts. You see, before Jeff and I were dating we were enrolled in the same graduate course at Dalhousie (worst course ever by the way, although I lucked out with an awesome group). My group was doing a presentation one morning and I happened to reference Don Draper. I'm not sure why I did, the class has nothing to do with advertising, misogyny or classic cocktails. Anyway, when Jeff tells the story of how we met (cringe), he calls that presentation a Dream Weaver moment. 

To celebrate the show's long awaited return I wanted to make something special (scotch and cigarettes were the obvious choice but I thought that would be too easy...). 

I actually wanted to make pineapple upside down cake, but given we've sworn off sugar for a few more weeks I had to think of something else. I googled "snacks" + "1960s" and deviled eggs popped up. Delicious and something we can actually eat.

Martha came through for me with a simple recipe. One of my eggs exploded during the boiling process (yes, I actually messed up boiling an egg), but other than that making deviled eggs wasn't as tedious I thought it might be (although I opted not to pipe the filling - too weird for future cupcakes). I would definitely make these again, maybe for a picnic. They definitely have retro appeal (and they taste better than jello-salad). 

Jeff is so excited he told me he might, "suit up". As in, he may literally put on a suit to watch the show (and eat devilled eggs and drink scotch).  I do love a theme party, even for two!

{yes, that is scotch you see in the background}

check out Martha's deviled eggs here:



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