Sunday, March 18, 2012

half anniversary

{happy half anniversary}
Why not celebrate often?

My parents offered to take Violet for a sleepover last night so Jeff and I could go on a proper date to celebrate six months of marriage. Jeff had to convince me that a real date meant leaving our apartment (I wanted to get burritos from Dee Dee's, what can I say). We did, in fact, end up venturing out of doors and I am so glad we did. We went to one of our favourite spots in Halifax, The Brooklyn Warehouse. 

I opt for veggie choices more often than not when we are cooking at home and when we go out I almost always eat fish. I knew I had a long run ahead of me Sunday morning so I wanted to really fill up (I also felt the freedom to totally indulge). I've always heard the burgers at the Brooklyn Warehouse were good so I decided to give them a try. Jeff's jaw dropped when I ordered! Just keeping him on his toes...The burger was ah-mazing. Worth taking half an hour off your life, for sure.

When the burger arrived there was a little flag sticking out of the top bun that read: "Vote the Brooklyn Burger Best Burger in Halifax". They definitely have my vote. The meat (beef and pork...) is free range, the bun is challah and the toppings are plentiful - the potato wedges served on the side are amazing too (probably the duck fat...). It is a lot of food so if you aren't super hungry you could substitute the potatoes for a salad. But if you are going for it, you might as well go for it in my estimation.

Burger + MacAuslan Oatmeal Stout + adult conversation with the one you love = perfect (and I didn't throw up anything green this morning, it is nice being a grown up)



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