Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heat Wave

{Point Pleasant Park after supper}
Today was a perfect first day of spring. The only thing that would have made it better is if it happened to fall on the weekend.  Violet and I went to the park as soon as we got home from work and played until supper. Later, not wanting to waste a rare warm evening in March we went to Point Pleasant Park for a walk. It was so beautiful, the ocean was still and the sun was still out well after 6:00. Violet was running around in a t-shirt. I can't remember a March evening like that.

I have heaps of work to do tonight, but I feel energized by the beautiful weather - or it could be the caffeine. Either way I am feeling good!

I'll leave you with a couple sweet pictures of my girl, but not without a cute story first. Last night Vi had to pee during dinner (if that is too much information for you I don't suggest reading on), she hopped off the chair and ran to the loo. She is very independent when it comes to the bathroom these days. When she ran back into the dining room, Jeff asked said, "Vi, did you remember to wipe your bum?"

This may seem invasive, but it is entirely necessary given the situation. I'll leave it at that.

Her response floored me.

"That is not a very Christian thing to say daddy," Violet replied, shocked that he should mention such a thing. Then she dug back into her rice and lentils.

"Did I hear her right?" asked Jeff, astounded.

"Yes you did," I answered, "yes you did."

I honestly have no idea where she would have heard that expression. What an imp.

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