Monday, March 19, 2012

See ya later Winter

{fresh cut flowers that scream Spring is Holland at least}

If the city of Halifax* was at a job interview and the interviewer asked it, what is your biggest weakness, Spring would be an honest answer (Spring and reasonably priced real-estate on the peninsula). I should say, normally that would be an honest answer, but apparently this year we may actually experience the elusive second season. I will risk sounding like a complete idiot by saying that this whole global warming thing is kind of working out for us out here on the East Coast (insert one million reasons why that is an ignorant statement here).

With unseasonably warm temperatures forecast all week I have started to think about my summer wardrobe. Until recently I'd forgotten about the perils of the months where the temperatures allow for bare arms and legs but my lily white complexion make it a crime against humanity. Unfortunately, this is only a slight exaggeration.

I'm not dissing all my fair skinned lady friends, au contraire, your porcelain skin makes me jealous year round (as does your lack of wrinkles). It is us "in-betweeners" who really suffer at this time of year. I'm not fair, but I'm not naturally tan. At this time of year I think my look would best be described as anemic (don't think Kate Moss early 1990s, think Gareth Keenan from the British Office).

In spite of this, I can't wait for a week of evenings spent outside, sun beaming through my window at work (even though I'd obviously rather experience it in person) and a warm weather menu. Bring on the rhubarb and the asparagus (a season of regularity if there ever was one!)

Oooohhhh, and BBQ'ing - let the BBQ season begin!



* Halifax Regional Municipality didn't have the same ring. Apologies municipal government friends.

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