Thursday, March 29, 2012

caution: running related post

{my new kicks}
To the brave reader who decided to continue beyond the title of this post, I thank you. I totally get that running is not everyone's cup of tea. I'm not sure how my activity of choice got such a bad wrap. It seems like runners are kind of like lawyers; it is socially acceptable to exhibit distain for them. But, just as there are many nice lawyers (I like all the lawyers I know) there are nice runners. So try not to judge me just because I run when it is -15 or because I think that it is normal to do things like carb-load and use Body Glide.

Running is on my mind because I got new sneakers tonight -- very exciting I know. Actually, I do find this news exciting for two reasons. First I have never had "cool" running sneakers. Part of the problem of being a runner is that you don't really get to pick your sneakers. Unfortunately, things like stride and preferred distance trump aesthetic preference. This has always been a thorn in my side.

At races I'd see other runners with cool sneakers while I was stuck with weird white monstrosities that look like the kind of thing a nurse would have worn 30 years ago. Not tonight though, I finally got cool running sneakers. Don't get me wrong, I would not be caught dead in them doing anything other than physical activity. They are so bright they make my eyes hurt and they strangely resemble a ninja turtle, but despite this they are better looking than any sneaker I've had before. Call me superficial, I am totally pumped.

The second reason I am stoked to have new kicks is because the last shoes I was fitted for, a mere six weeks ago, gave me horrible blisters (major understatement). I know few people who like hearing about running and fewer still who want to read about blisters so I will stop there. Just know I am happy to finally wear shoes that won't permanently disfigure my feet (which are not all that cute to begin with).

I am running a marathon on Mother's Day weekend and I promise I won't mention the subject until after that. I get it, no one likes hearing about running.



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