Thursday, October 31, 2013

a minion pumpkin

On Sunday afternoon Violet, Jeff and I were flaked out on the couch after a crazy weekend of quiche and scone baking (me) and daddy day care (jeff). When we heard a knock at the door, I'll admit, my heart sank. I just want to relax, I thought to myself. But guess what? The visitor came bearing gifts -- the coolest pumpkin you've ever seen made especially for the biggest minion fan in Canada. What an awesome surprise. Totally worth getting out of my couch fort for! 

Thanks Uncle Dylan and Alex. We'll never have a cooler pumpkin, I can almost guarantee it! 

xo Em


weekday reading
Is it Thursday already? I don't know about you, but I thought October flew by. Not that I am complaining. I start getting warm and tingly Christmas feelings on the first of November. My husband insists we hold off any celebrations until after Remembrance Day. In theory I totally agree, but that hasn't stopped me from sneaking a few Micheal Buble Christmas Album dance parties with Violet while he isn't looking.

Now look at me talking about Christmas on Halloween Day. How rude! Violet would be quite miffed I'm not giving one of her favourite holidays due credit. So, Happy Halloween, everyone! We have the most amazing carved pumpkin (courtesy of my brother and his lovely girlfriend) and Violet is the cutest queen around. (She is wearing a princess costume, but she has to be the boss so she's calling herself the queen.) I bought treats and play dough for little visitors tonight, but Jeffrey insists our house will get egged (or worse) if I hand out the later. He firmly believes kids do not want play dough. Maybe not, but as a mum I appreciate the less sugary treats and so I am doing my part!

And now for some weekday reading:

Our pumpkin is amazing, but these jack-o-laterns up the ante.

Have you seen the website, "reasons my son is crying"? I could have contributed to this so many times. Very funny.

Lena Dunham on takeout. Anyone else getting excited for January...

Hilarious parody of the popular Lorde song, Royals. Sorry Torrie friends. Wait, do I have any of those ;)

Jeff and I watched The Way, Way Back last weekend and I loved it. Check it out if you like coming-of-age stories.

Have you ever baked donuts? Jeff told me no more pumpkin, so I'm thinking apple baking will tie me over until gingerbread is socially acceptable (November 12th?)

The only thing cuter than a dog in a costume is a whole gallery of dogs in costume.

xo Em

Monday, October 28, 2013

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Do you enjoy a cakey cookie? Cakey cookies are a thing, you know. I didn't make them up.

Hard hitting journalism here on the blog today.

Is there really anything more serious that the consistency of a cookie? Not in my world. Not on the day after serving brunch for 300 (more on that when I recover).

Anyway, back to cookies. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that is. So, one of my best friends just had a baby, the sweetest baby boy, and so I made her some cookies. What else can you do when one of your best friends has a baby? What else can you exchange for an hour of unadulterated newborn snuggles? Newborn snuggles are a rare commodity and they demand the best cookies in exchange.

If pressed I am a doughy cookie lover, however, cakey cookies hold a special place in my heart because my mum and her mum both made delicious, spicy gingerbread cookies that were as cakey as you can get.

The cookies I made today were warming in the same way my mum's gingerbread cookies are. They have a healthy dose of both molasses and pumpkin pie spice, so it isn't that surprising they remind me of gingerbread. Oh, and there is pumpkin. Can you really go wrong with pumpkin in October?

So there you have it, cakey-pumpkin-molassses-chocolate-chip-cookies. If you are among those who to whom this sounds enjoyable, you can find the recipe I used here.



{this was unplanned}

{and then there was one}

Thursday, October 24, 2013

new series: weekday reading

I love sharing links I've found with you each week, and I was thinking to myself, I wonder if they'd be more useful if I didn't share them on a Friday evening? I know you're busy and Friday nights are made for fabulous dinners followed by romantic strolls on the harbour front movies and snuggles, not internet trolling (although I've been known to combine all three). Anyway, if I can get my act together I'm going to try to share links on Thursdays, because really, what do you have to do on a Thursday night? Dinner-bath-books-bed-gym-wine? Me too. I think we can fit in some internet reading? Let's give it a try, anyway.

To sit or to stand, that is the question

Every country is the best at something

Wasted bagged salad, I can totally relate

You are a good mama, yes you! (via Cup of Jo)

An interesting article about how we value art

I want to make pumpkin pecan scones and maple rice pudding this weekend

The first gift guide of the season (that I've seen)

This is the cutest thing in the whole wide world. Hands down. 



Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My tiny dancer has branched out from her classic ballet training.

Tap is the name of the game these days. Of course, Vi's new moves are all her own. She doesn't actually know how to tap dance. But this is not limiting for her, oh no, she shuffles and riffs with the best of them. The Scottish blood in me likes to view these moves as a form of interpretive jigging, but the fringe on the boots doesn't lie. Despite Violet's assurance that she is in fact a tap dancer, this Alberta born girl is ready for a hoe down. No matter what you call it, this girl can move and the best thing by far is seeing her confidence in action. Oh, to dance like that (sans alcohol no less). She knows she's got it.



Friday, October 18, 2013

short weeks are best

The week before last we met up with my friend Amelia and her family at the market. How cute are those little girls? There is something about a pumpkin that makes mums everywhere think, "I have to take a photo right now"! I am no exception, so in addition to pumpkin based baking (1/2) please excuse the proliferation of the cutest vegetable around. 'Tis the season.

My week seemed at once short and long, yours? We had guests, which makes the time fly, but I always find short-work weeks feel strangely long. I think it is because I build them up as the best thing since sliced bread and then I still have to work four whole days. (Poor me, huh. Complaining about a four day work week even though I have a job I love!)

We have a low-key weekend in store. We're heading to Lunenburg tomorrow, which will be awesome. I love the little shops and the sweet restaurants there and we'll get to see a friend, but other than that we don't have much planned - just play dates and family snuggles. (Full disclosure: Jeff has not approved the family snuggle plan, but I'll work on it.) I just heard the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow, which will be welcome relief after the deluge of the past 48 hours.

What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting going on that you forgot to invite me to? ;)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



Weekend Reading List

Jamie Oliver has a new book and I want it!

October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Even though I've experienced two miscarriages I didn't know about this until it was mentioned last night during book club. This affects so many women. Let's keep talking about it, people!

I knew not to microwave plastic, but I didn't know not to freeze it -- yikes! Hepful tips from Canada's favourite scientist. 
Food and math? An article written for my Jeffrey! (It also endorses bacon.)

Oreos > crack. #notnewstome

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cape Breton in the fall

I am an island girl at heart, just not the island you're probably thinking of given the picture above. I've told you all about my love for PE island, and it is a deep and steadfast love, but I have to admit, I have a new crush: CB island. Cape Breton in the fall? Absolutely delicious. I was in Cape Breton last week for work and I called Jeffrey and told him we had to move to Inverness. As soon as possible.

The conference I attended was in Baddeck which is totally sweet, but it was Inverness that took my breath away. Have you been? I went on a little road-trip-for-one through the Margaree Valley, which is breathtaking in and of itself, but then I arrived at what can literally only be described as heaven on earth. I think Inverness Beach might be the most breathtaking place I've been. No joke.

A friend of mine told me that her favourite beach is MacLeod's beach  in Broad Cove and when I saw a sign on my way out of town I just had to stop. If I hadn't been so scared that I might (a) drive off a cliff (b) hit a moose or (c) find myself in a scene reminiscent of Deliverance it might have trumped Inverness. I was too scared to stop and get out of my car and really look around. I am a major wimp and rural roads make me nervous. If anyone is up for a road trip I totally want to go back. I have a feeling there are lots of hidden gems in this part of the world!

I've always heard Cape Breton is spectacular in the fall and now I know first hand just how gorgeous it is. I can't wait to bring my family back there next year. I can almost hear Buddy MacMaster now.



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Hi! It's been a while. How are you? Things are good over here on Roome. My in-laws are visiting from Ontario so we've been spending lots of time showcasing our fine province (think lobster and trips to the valley) and trying to squeeze six months of quality time into a week. Phew!

What a lovely weekend, huh? The sun shone from the minute we woke up until it set (at supper time, but that is another depressing story). We had an inter-generational, inter-family feast on Sunday and I've never enjoyed a yummier spread. Everyone brought their best to the table (Nanny's gravy and cheese sauce, Mum's cranberry, Dad's pies, Julien's rolls ;) ). Yum! 

Well, back at it this morning. The only thing putting spring in my step is the fact we have a four day week. Those are definitely my favourite type of work week! 

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends! I'm thankful that you take time from your busy days to check on us over here. 



{Violet and Poppy read cookbooks for fun} 
{little hand, big hand}
{its open season for pumpkins}
{I'm thankful for these two weirdos!}
{daytime sequins} 
{Vi and I snuck a grape}

{she wasn't a fan}
{Me, wrapped in a blanket, eating stolen grapes, as captured by Violet}

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh, hello weekend

I thought a breakfast shot was perfect for a Friday post, given my obsession with pancakes and all (1/2/3)! What can I say? Ponds love breakfast food! Violet is actually trying to recreate a scene from Sheree Fitch's book Mabel Murple, you know, the one where she eats "Mabel's purple maple syruple". She basically just looks crazy, but since I am her mum I think it is crazy in the most adorable way ever.

Birthday party season seems to be upon us, so Violet and I will spend a good chunk of Saturday eating cake and then crashing from our sugar highs. It should be good times. We also have a play date or two lined up, so all in all the weekend is looking promising. If you note a serious lack of testosterone in our plans, you'd be right. Jeff has started studying again. Oh man, being a good wife is so hard! I want to tell him to slack off and come play with us, but I'm forcing myself not too. (Wife of the year?)

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun fall festivities? That reminds me, we really have to get to the valley. It is the nicest this time of year, huh? So many leaves to see and pumpkin spice lattes to drink, so little time.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!



ps -- just a few snapshots of my favourite subject below, and some fun reading of course!

Weekend Reading

These muffins look awesome, take or leave the yoga ;)

I made curried coconut carrot soup this week -- so yummy

Love this link about infertility

This video is the cutest (and it reminds me so much of my friend's daughter)

I want this sweater now!

Also, very excited for Girls to start (only Tina Fey could make it better!)

{she was afraid of these last year}
{now she dominates them in her badass biker jacket}
{two cuties}
{still the cutest cheeks in the YHZ!}

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One of those days

{Violet has those days too}
Yesterday was one of those days. I had planned a really upbeat blog post filling y'all in on the goings on of our pleasant weekend, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Our weekend was lovely, that part would have been true, but to try to be upbeat by the end of the night felt literally* impossible.

I've written complain-y blog posts before, but since this is my corner of the interweb I suppose it is my prerogative to do it again. And I will.

It was raining a torrent yesterday, never a good start to the day for this crazy haired lady. But if I let the weather spoil my day, the bad days would out number the good ones so like the hero I am, I pressed on. But then I spilled coffee (with milk in it) inside my work bag. How does that even happen? My wallet, sunglasses, book, and the piles of other crap I carry to and from work with me were all soaked. Soaked first, stinky second. Ew. Hmmm, what else. Oh, the man I sat next to on the bus (keep in mind I am soaking wet with a stinky briefcase and a poor attitude at this point) wanted to chat. The nerve. I try to be friendly on the bus try to bring a novel with me so I can avoid these sorts of chats, but it was covered in coffee and the binding was actually disintegrating. In hindsight, reading a coffee soaked book would have been preferable to talking to some man about the difference between BC rain and NS rain.When I got home from work I had the intention of making paninis with the chicken we bought at the market on Saturday. I had taken chicken out of the freezer the night before, but, in defiance of the laws of science and me, the chicken remained rock hard. I had a tomato sandwich. Violet and Jeff ate the cured meat I bought for pizza night.

Okay, so this is not the worst day ever, but it certainly was one of "those" days.

I tried to rally by having a cookie and looking at pinterest, but not even chocolate could salvage the day at that point. I went to bed before 9:00 pm.

Today has been much better. The sun shone. My coffee stayed in my cup. All was well in the world.

How about you, have you had any of *those days* recently? They do make for better stories, I'll give them that.



* I love Parks & Rec