Saturday, March 31, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{the enforcer}
Yet again, so grateful for this little girl. I am just kidding about the enforcer thing, how could anyone be scared of something so cute.

{another sign of spring}
My mum went to the valley this week and she brought home these pussy willows. Violet can't remember their name for the life of her. So far she's tried: pussy pops, pussy puffs, and my personal favourite, pussy wands. There is an easy joke in there somewhere...

{fresh herbs from the market}
Every year I buy potted herbs. Every year they die. I am grateful for the optimism that allows me to believe that this year things will be different.

{frog pond}
We went on yet another lovely walk at Frog Pond this afternoon. Violet fed the ducks. This is a picture of her and Jeff on a rock watching the ducks eat stale tostito chips. He is so good with her. We are so lucky.

What are you grateful for today?




  1. I love these posts Em - I find I've started to stop in the moment and appreciate how lucky I am because of them, so thank you!

    1. That is awesome Ames! I find I am inclined not to stop and think about this stuff, so it is a nice practice to consciously think about it once a week. I am always grateful for the big stuff (family/ health) but it is nice to have to think about little things I am thankful for!