Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Halifax with Love

{we love you Halifax}

I am feeling a little melancholic, a mood that does not suit the weather. You see, my sweet husband and I would really love to live and work in our fair city, Halifax. I guess technically we do both of those things, but despite valiant effort (not an exaggeration I assure you), neither of us have permanent positions in the fields of our choosing.

Come on Halifax, we are young, educated and we actually want to stay here. What gives? You think you can do better? Not to toot our horn but we are the type of people you want here. We are energetic, creative, compassionate, and we want to make this city a better place to live and raise kids. Seriously, we do.

I guess you could say we are feeling a little rejected. Why not us Halifax? Is it something we said or did?

Like any spurned lover or bestower of unrequited love we are starting to feel a little bitter.

You know what happens next Halifax? Have you ever seen a romantic comedy?

We are going to come to the realization that we are worthy, that we do have something to offer and we are going to move on – literally and figuratively.

If I was my own best friend I would suggest that I, 1) go get a pedicure 2) have a glass of wine (or three) and 3) get over it. And by it I mean you Halifax.

There is only so much a girl, or in this case a couple, can take.

Consider yourself duly warned Halifax. I have had it up to here (opps…quick change from spurned lover voice to mum voice…awkward…)



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