Tuesday, March 13, 2012


{how could you tease someone this cute?}
Nighttime routine would be an understatement.

As you may recall, I am a fan of routine. Violet seems to have picked up this tendency – selectively that is. We are actually pretty lucky with our nighttime ritual; Violet is rarely awake past eight. We begin to wind down around 6:30, I read Violet three books (because she is three – obviously) and Jeff reads her another book and then tickles her back for about 10 minutes. Since she gave up her nap about six months ago she rarely has any trouble nodding off.

Last night Violet was feeling particularly dramatic at bedtime. She was weepy when it was time for me to go. She totally knows how to play me, by the way. I felt incredibly guilty as I pried her little hands from around my neck. Working Mum Guilt stinks. Violet clearly didn’t want me to leave and so she cried out in desperation, “I'm upset, what if my friends call me four-eyes?”

“What was that sweetheart,” I replied.

“What if my friends call me four-eyes,"  she said more clearly.

I had to hold back a chuckle. “Vi, your friends won’t call you four-eyes, you don’t wear glasses sweetheart.”

“Yes I do,” she wailed.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

Jeff popped his head in Violet’s bedroom door. “Vi, I have worn glasses my whole life and no one has ever called me four-eyes honey. You don’t even wear glasses…”

“Yes I do, yes I do,” she sobbed.

I looked at Jeff, he looked at me. He winked and returned to washing dishes (I have a good one).

Am I seriously consoling Violet about this right now I thought to myself?

I lay down with Vi for a few minutes, rubbing her back until she settled down. As I got up to go, she whispered, “Mum, my friends will call me four-eyes when I wear my sunglasses,” then she drifted off. These are the things that keep my girl up at night.

Sweet, sweet little girl, no more Arthur for you.

{hey - are you calling me four-eyes?}



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