Wednesday, March 21, 2012

gimme gimmes

{I need this bike}

Does the internet make anyone else want more things? Today alone I have been convinced I need to buy a bike (the weather is supporting the argument I plan on presenting to Jeff), I’ve been convinced it would be a good idea to move to France for a year (training, visas, flights and jobs would of course be required), I’ve wanted to buy a pair of skinny jeans (it is on my “to-do-before-thirty list after all, and they were on sale) and I have priced Adobe Illustrator (my sad little mac laptop definitely couldn’t run it, so I’d need a new computer too). I came to all of these realizations on my lunch break! 

I get countless emails a day about sales at my favourite shops which lead me to believe things like, “I am saving money by buying this 'Paris Pink' cashmere cardigan” and “Violet really needs another pair of jeggings.” Don't get me started on the things I think that girl needs.

I have always been a lover of things (sounds better than materialistic) and the internet makes it easier to access all the stuff I don’t have, rather than look around and appreciate what I do have. So annoying! 

I am hoping that recognizing this tendency to think I need things is the first step towards realizing that I am actually fine with what I have now - more than fine.

On the other hand, I really do want that bike and I would save money by not using our car...

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