Monday, March 5, 2012

twenty-nine and holding

{be still my heart - rice pudding from Athens}

A girl can't help but feel special on her birthday.

When I got up it was as though the heavens had sent me a little gift in the form of snow fit for a Christmas card. When I got home from my early morning run Jeffrey had coffee waiting and had opened the boxes of my favourite cereal for me (keeping my morning routine is better than breakfast in bed - weird but true). The day was full of little treats including a dinner of my choosing - Jeffrey's fish tacos and the the best rice pudding in Halifax for dessert. My family (the little one and the big one) showered me with thoughtful gifts that made me feel so loved. All in all, a very successful birthday.

I am officially twenty-nine and holding as my dad said to me tonight.

And now, because it is my birthday and no one can judge me (or if they do, I am allowed to cry) I am going to head to bed with a new book and the rest of the rice pudding. After all, I only have one year left to lead this super crazy lifestyle.

Thanks for the birthday love.



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