Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bed Lunch

{a glass of milk before bed}

We never had snacks before bed when I was growing up. I don't remember feeling deprived, we always had a hearty supper and we went to bed pretty early - a snack would have been overkill. 

When we spent the night with Nanny & Pop it was a different story. My pop used to make us "bed lunch". (Did anyone else call their bedtime snack by that name?) Ice cream and Special K was his nighttime specialty. He would mix the two together so that the ice cream softened and the Special K crumbled. It was kind of like a cereal Blizzard come to think of it. Now that I have a child myself the thought of serving her ice cream right before bed is even more mind boggling than the act of mixing cereal with ice cream, but memories of those special nights have stayed with me until now. My pop was on to something. 

I normally don't give Violet a snack before bed either, but tonight I was in the mood to bake. Blue Ivy (my robin's egg blue stand mixer, Beyonce totally copied me) was calling my name. As you know I have a propensity to gravitate toward sweet treats when I bake but I held my ground and decided to make muffins.

Many muffins, arguably the yummiest ones, are just cake in disguise. This is not true of most bran muffins. It is certainly not true of the bran muffins I made tonight. I found the recipe on Heidi Swanson's website "101 Cookbooks". Since it feels like I have 101 cookbooks, I'm not sure how it is possible I couldn't find a healthy muffin recipe among them. Anyway, the muffins were easy-peasy and they are really yummy. Mums out there, this is the recipe for you, it has hardly any sugar at all and two cups of plain yogurt - that has to be good for kiddos! 

Violet certainly enjoyed her muffin right out of the oven. I had to add a little butter and a sprinkle of sea salt, but that is no big deal. I could have given her ice cream and Special K...

The true test of a bran muffin is if is edible the morning after you bake them. Almost anything tastes good right out of the oven. They jury is still out, but I'll keep you posted!



{golden beauties} 
{let's be honest, bran muffins need butter and sea salt}
{bottoms up}
{I stick my tongue out too!}
You can find the recipe for the bran muffins here: http://101cookbooks.com/


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  2. My dad also made us bed lunch. I found your post after I Googled bed lunch

  3. My grandfather always had a bowl of crackers and milk before bed - I would share with him when I was little. No one else in our family did anything like that (you'll have nightmares if you eat that now!). Grandpa was born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I just found out today from a posting of a friend on Facebook that it's normal there! Maritime bed lunch! Just sayin.

  4. Same as Mr. Spurlock--Googled bed lunch as I was thinking for the first time in 50 years about what my mom called "lunchbed" (German family background). Maybe is it an European custom, but I remember it usually being a piece of cake and always some milk. To this day, I still have a small amount of milk and something sweet before going to bed! Robert Burnham, October 2016