Monday, April 30, 2012






Remember how I said I wanted to organize my digital photos before my next birthday? Well, I am glad I started early. What a mess. This predicament I have gotten myself into is just another example of how it is better to face the tasks that you are dreading head on, as opposed to letting them fester.

I choose the latter option and now I have 9000 digital photos to sift through.

It is actually very overwhelming! Couple the crushing volume of photos with an aging (read: slower than molasses) laptop and you have the recipe for a major headache. I had to walk away from it this weekend, I was becoming rather unpleasant (Jeff may have chosen another adjective to describe my mood).

My goal is to have an album or two and a few pictures to display. Though that doesn't sound overly ambitious, keep in mind I haven't printed even one tiny photo since Violet has been born. Isn't that bad? (In my defence I have done a lot of other things during that time!)

I have made some progress, but I am still hours and hours away from an album. On the plus side it was kind of fun flipping though Vi's baby pictures. She has grown so much. She is definitely a little girl now. Three going on sixteen. Tonight in the car she told me my rendition of an Adele song was, "hurting her ears". I'm sure I said similar things to my mum as a teenager. I am already bracing myself for those delightful years ahead. For now I'll try to be grateful that all I have to worry about are the 9000s photos I have to organize.



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