Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Papa & pizza (in that order)

{parsley, lemon, capers, chillies, anchovies}

{pepperoni & banana pepper}

Tonight we celebrated my dad's birthday with a pizza party. I would like to write about how great my dad is, but he is not the kind of guy you can just write about off the top of your head. If I were to write an ode to my father I would want it to be perfect. I would want it to be articulate, witty and most of all thoughtful, just like him. I would want to reference some of the writers and musicians he loves so much, but that would require an inordinate amount of research. I would want to talk about his profound spirituality, a subject I am definitely ill-equipped to discuss and would surely misconstrue. Because I could never do him justice in a blog post, I won't bother trying. He knows how much I love him.

But pizza, I can definitely share my love of pizza without much forethought. So instead of talking about my dad, I will discuss pizza.

I could eat pizza every night, no joke. One of the reasons pizza is arguably the best dish ever is because it is so darn versatile. I love greasy pizza, healthy pizza, veggie pizza and even pizza with meat on it (and I am not a great lover of meat). Jeff and Vi love pizza too. It works out well.

Tonight Jeff made pizza at my father's request and to everyone's delight. He makes the dough from scratch and cooks the pizza at the highest temperature we can get with our pathetic little rental stove. I think those things, coupled with fresh ingredients are what makes Jeff's pizza so great.

We had a classic veggie (with house roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, olives, sundried tomatoes and feta), it is super salty and super yummy. We had a pepperoni & banana pepper pizza which we fully ripped off from Morris East (*inspired* by Morris East sounds better). Finally, we had my personal favourite, an anchovy, chilli and lemon pizza which I am pretty sure was loosely adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe, but I cannot confirm this because Jeff and my dad took the party downtown when they went to a Moosehead's game.

I am a lucky girl. I have an awesome dad and I got to have pizza tonight. What more could a girl ask for?

{papa and his girl}



Update: the Jamie Oliver pizza recipe can be found here:

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