Friday, April 20, 2012

first cone of the year

{when your mum says no to chocolate, order mint chocolate chip!}
I got to leave work a little earlier than usual this afternoon, which was awesome not only because it was Friday, but also because it was sunny. We took full advantage of the nice weather and headed to the Public Gardens for the first cone of the season. I "encouraged" Violet to get mint chocolate chip for two reasons, first she becomes insane when she has chocolate (her obvious first choice), and second I love that flavour and I wanted a taste! Violet took the bait. After we got our cones we roamed (read: chased Violet) around the gardens. We saw daffodils and hyacinth and lots of ducks. The sunshine, the flowers and the ice cream made me feel one step closer to summer. Hallelujah!

Happy weekend everyone



{two summer classics: chucks & ice cream}
{just add sprinkles!}

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