Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I went there

{I am that person}
I never pictured myself as the type of mum who would intentionally match her clothing with her daughter. I don't mean wearing coordinated outfits (e.g., both sporting yoga pants, which Violet and I do almost every weekend). No, I am talking about wearing the exact same item: one big, one little. The whole idea seems too...precious. It doesn't help that I have already been mistaken for Violet's sister (okay, it was by a four-year old, but still), more often I think people look at us and think "teen mum".  Which is precisely why I try to avoid anything too cutesie.

When I saw these sandals online (first in the little version, then the big), I thought they were cool enough to justify breaking my own rule for. Who I am kidding, it is not just my rule. Most of society frowns upon family uniforms. These sandals definitely border on old lady shoes. But I just loved the idea of wearing classic red sandals this summer. Can't you see them with a sundress or my yet to be purchased, perfectly fitting jeans? Jeff has already verbalized his dislike, but concedes they could be worse. He didn't know exactly how they could be worse, but he was sure uglier sandals exist somewhere!

I really wanted to take a picture with Vi and I wearing our new sandals, but my feet are a mess thanks to my training for "the unmentionable event" that is a mere three weeks away. The day after the run I am going to get a pedicure (I have a gift-certificate locked and loaded - thanks Jules) and then I can show you how cute these shoes are on my feet and on Violet's.

This whole dressing like Violet thing could get out of hand, I know. So if you see us in matching sundresses please stage an intervention. Sometimes these things seem like good ideas in my head, but are more suited to a TLC drama than real life.

So, what do you think? Do these cross the line? Too much or just enough?



{big and little}
by the way - I opted to use Instagram to take these pictures because I feel like these sandals belong on a hipster. No one has ever accused me of being hip, but I wanted to play the part, even if only for one night!

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