Wednesday, April 18, 2012

murphy's law

{thai coconut curry soup}

So remember how I told you I fish tacos aren't photogenic? Well, tonight Jeff made dinner again and he made a curry that was beautiful in both taste and presentation. I brought my bowl over to the dining room table to take a photo (or 75) and  the battery died. I got one measly picture. One chance to show Jeff's masterpiece to the world (or at least to my facebook friends). So I have 50 weird pictures of fish tacos and one mediocre shot of this beautiful curry. Grrrrr

We tried Michael Smith's thai coconut curry soup for the first time tonight, and it was good, really good actually. It was, however,  a lot less soupy than I expected. There was barely more liquid than a normal curry. Interestingly the dish is gluten and dairy free, which means more happy tummy's everywhere. My mum is on an elimination diet and happily she was able to have this soup with us. Finding something she can eat is a challenge these days, but we are up for it! One of my favourite things about living in Halifax is our weekly meals with my parents.

This is a dish that is great on a weeknight, but would be lovely if you had guests over too. I like my curries to have a little more heat, but other than that I feel good about recommending this soup to you.

Next time I will charge my camera battery I swear. Blogger fail.

As an aside, we live in a litigious society so I should mention that if you have an allergy you should double check that this soup is okay for you. We were pretty careful, but not anaphylactic careful, because we didn't have to be.



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