Wednesday, April 4, 2012

relax mama bear

{craft corner}

I am trying to be more laid back. I let go of the dream that play-doh colours can be kept separate a long time ago, I try not to panic if the lids for the glitter glue don’t match the color of the glue itself and I’ve stopped standing next to Violet with a cup of water, *kindly* reminding her to rinse her brush between colors, while she paints.

Craft time can be a little stressful for someone who likes things “just so” (Jeff’s words, not mine). I have a headache tonight, so it has been particularly difficult to reign in my inner-control freak. 

When I came across these sweet little printable eggs online I knew Violet would love to use her water colour paint to decorate them. Far be it from me to deprive her of a creative outlet, I downloaded the file and printed a few copies. You can do the same (for free) here: I like how the eggs have a mid-century modern vibe. 

It is nice to do a holiday related craft that doesn’t involve copious amounts of sugar. Painting is messy but it is not followed by a sugar-high (and worse, a sugar crash). I’ll keep telling myself that as I scrape paint splatters off the dining room walls later tonight. My head hurts!

Happy painting everyone.

{I can mix the colours if I want to}
{Easter eggs that belong in Palm Springs!}



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