Tuesday, April 3, 2012

quick and easy Easter egg nests

{no bake Easter nests}
How cute are these nests? I wanted to make something for Violet to take to "school" with her on Thursday as an early Easter treat for her friends. As you may recall, Wednesdays are my long day so I had to plan ahead (very unlike me come to think of it). Anyway, I had seen various incarnations of these nests on pinterest. Some options used rice krispies, some used shredded wheat, the nests you see above are just simple no bake cookies; my mum always called them macaroons.

You can find the recipe for no bake cookies here: http://kitchensimplicity.com/three-no-bake-easter-treats/

Violet and I made these together, but they aren't the most kid friendly sweet I've ever made. A lot of the preparation takes place over the stove. It was a little frustrating for Vi, she likes to get in there when we bake. She was, however, able to measure a few of the ingredients and you better believe she placed every one of those mini-eggs in each nest.

The best part by far was eating the leftover mini-eggs. Ahhh, white sugar, I have missed you (for those who noticed, I do not count black liquorice as candy, I bought it in the health food section of the store, therefore it is healthy..)

The nests have been sealed in an airtight bin. I wonder how many will make it until Thursday!

{each egg was placed in a nest with love}



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