Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday afternoons

{it is hard to beat milk and cookies}
We are still revelling in our good news over here at the Pond house. I can't believe our good luck! It is funny, now that we know we are staying I look around our little flat and see tonnes of projects I want to do. I love the idea of bunkering down for a while.

It is unseasonable cool in Halifax today. Violet wore her winter hat when we went out and ran a few Saturday errands. Nothing tastes better on a cold afternoon that a warm chocolate chip cookie. I made ours a few days ago, so my family has to settle for room temperature cookies today!

I really like Nigella's recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It calls for both white and brown sugar, which is pretty standard, but she got the proportion just right. I like a really soft cookie (almost under-baked), but Jeff likes a more dense style. These cookies are a good compromise. I also appreciate that the recipe calls for melted butter. I never have enough room temperature butter for impromptu baking adventures.

You can find Nigella's recipe here:

Have a great afternoon.



{straight from the oven}

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