Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a dilemma

{what to do, what to do}
Remember how I have been training for a marathon? Well, guess who has her first ballet recital the same day as the race? Yup, my tiny dancer. The race is out of province, so squeezing in both events is impossible. Talk about bad timing.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I am the worst mother ever (a criminal offence according to the State of Alabama) consider:

(a) the recital is not really a recital at all, parents are merely invited to observe the last dance class.  There is an informal (but obviously adorable) demonstration of what the children have learned during the term.

(b) I have been training really hard for my race, and I have a training partner who I feel like I would be letting down if I bailed at this point. If I am completely honest, I really want to do the run. I've run all winter in terrible weather, through blisters and very bad hair (rainy snow turns my hair into a rat's nest), I want to cross that finish line!

Basically I have three options, first stay home from my race and attend Violet's 30 minute demonstration (note I am trying to persuade you this is a crazy option by calling it a demonstration, the event has been stripped of its recital status!) My second option is to bring Violet with me (and my mum and my sister) to the run -- girl's weekend, who cares about the recital, she has a lifetime of recital ahead of her right? The final option is to head to the run with my sister and let Jeff and my parents accompany Vi to her recital. This last option makes me sad because it means I will miss Violet's first recital, but that is selfish isn't it? Just because I can't be there doesn't mean the show shouldn't go on. Does it?

If someone could please tell me what to do, and more importantly convince me it is *the right* thing to do, I would really appreciate it.

The burden of too many choices - I am such a millennial.



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