Thursday, January 31, 2013

feeling crafty

{step 1}
I was home sick with Violet today (she was ill, not I). By mid-afternoon, after being bolstered by a  diet of Advil and ginger ale she had revived enough to make a craft. The trouble is, I am so not crafty. I love the idea of a good craft, it is the execution that gets me. In the process of making very standard Valentines hearts I completely ruined one iron (unless you want pink and red wax on your clothes), one towel, and I almost ruined our dining room table. I saved the table, thank goodness (after a few minutes of extreme anxiety, a very hot iron and a lot of elbow grease). 

Was it worth it? Meh, the hearts were fun to make, but there were a lot of steps that I wouldn't exactly call kid friendly. I'm going to string them up as a sort of Valentine bunting I think -- do you dare me to attempt sewing? (Does stringing bunting with floss count as sewing?)

In other news, I used my camera on its manual setting for all but the picture of Violet. I started my photography class at NSCAD last night and though it seems a little intense for a night class, I am totally excited to learn how to use my camera. Can you tell? (If the answer is yes because they are out of focus, keep it to yourself!) At the beginning of the class the teacher said we had to use SLR cameras and I worried the rest of the night that I didn't have the right gear! That shows you what I know about photography!

Finally, the most important news of the day is that it is my sweet mum's birthday. Happy Birthday Mum! We are celebrating on Saturday (because they are always, without fail, better than Thursdays). I have a gluten free cake ready to rock and roll, we'll see how that goes!

Onward to February then!



{step 2}
{step 3 -- this is pretty, no?}
{sicky mcsickerson}
{Step 5 -- fun, not worth your dining room table though!}

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