Sunday, January 6, 2013

family photos

Remember when I gave you a sneak peak of the family photos we had taken in the fall? I did that because we gave pictures to the grandparents for Christmas. Now that gifts have been exchanged, I can finally show you some of my favourite pictures that the amazing photographer Charlotte Griffiths took. We had so much fun with her, despite the fact I was literally freezing to death. (Will you ever believe me again after that use of the word literal...)

I can't recommend Charlotte highly enough. We'll definitely be using her services again. When I look at these pictures I'm reminded just how much there is to learn about photography. I love the way she captured the light. So pretty. 

Thanks again Charlotte, we love these pictures and most importantly so did all the grandparents (or at least that is the story they are sticking with)!



quick aside: Jeff, Vi and I are watching The Wizard of Oz. Quick poll, is it an appropriate movie for an almost four year old? It seems a titch scary in my opinion, but she is loving it...

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