Friday, January 11, 2013


{she is smiling on the inside}
{100% excited}
This was a big week in the Pond household. I’m so happy to finally be able to share with you that Jeff’s job has been made permanent! We both have permanent jobs – a short sentence, a long peaceful night sleep. Especially for Jeff (I’m a great sleeper, one of the best). I’m so proud of my husband. He has worked his tail off to find a job he loves. It took some time, but looking back (to last week), it wasn’t all bad. In fact, there were tonnes of great times. Now we just know for sure that the great times can keep rolling here in Halifax. I am so happy! 

We have a fun weekend lined up. I have book club tonight (Jeff will be watching an action movie and lifting heavy things – so manly). Tomorrow night we are going to the Bicycle Thief to celebrate Jeff’s exciting news. We’ve wanted to go for a while and we keep putting it off. I’m really excited for a hot date. What to wear, what to wear…Violet is equally excited about heading to Nana and Papa’s house for a sleepover. She can’t wait to use her suitcase. 

The other night she was on the phone with my mum and I overheard her say, “Mummy hates monsters. Let’s draw lots of pictures of monsters for her at our sleepover”. Then, as if suddenly aware I could hear, she said in a sing-song voice, “Mummy, would you mind covering your ears,” and then extra sweetly, “please.”

I’m not sure what to make of that, but I don’t think it is good!

Have a lovely weekend!

Here are some links for your viewing pleasure. They are extra awesome this week. You’re welcome.



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