Monday, January 14, 2013

the infirm

We're a little under the weather over here on Newton Ave. Chills and aches were the name of the game today, but both Violet and I are feeling better this evening. It would appear we've been spared some of the nastiness that is going around. 

We managed to time our illness quite well in that we didn't miss a beat this weekend. Jeff and I went out for our hot date. It was hot, but we both found The Bicycle Thief to be a little underwhelming. I'd take Amano over the BT any day. Are we alone in thinking this? Maybe they had an off night, or we ordered the wrong thing? 

Anyway, it always astonishes me how quickly kids bounce back from being sick. Violet was couch bound this morning, but by this afternoon she was raring to go. I wish it worked that way for grown-ups.

So until my head clears, yours in an flu induced fog,


snippets from the weekend:

{still half asleep at the market}

{something about that juice box is obviously not up to snuff}

{fourth generation Wings fan}
{I made brownies for a friend and obviously had to taste test them}

{Violet makes this face in 80% of the pictures I take}

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