Thursday, January 3, 2013

emptying my bucket

{simple things c/o Christmas brunch}
I want to take a continuing ed course at a local college this Winter. I've been debating between a couple of classes and my sweet husband convinced me that photography would be a good choice. The class is three hours, one night a week -- not bad right? Well, and then there are assignments, and lab time available, which of course you'd want to take advantage of. Oh, and I joined a second book club. How could I not? I love my first one and the girls in the second group will be just as fun. And as for Ms. Violet, I have already tried to get her into skating (too late), swimming (too late) and gymnastics (likely too late, still holding out hope). I get heart palpitations when I think about her falling behind. (Behind what is a very prudent question, I am not surprised it came to mind.) And don't even get me started on Jeff. I am in complete denial that studying will have to resume some day -- there are three levels of the CFA!

Deep breath.

I saw a naturopath for the first time ever today. (I swear this is all related.) All my best friends in Calgary see one and they all rave about it, so I thought why not? Guess what? I loved it! I was there for an hour and a half. I want to say that again, an hour and a half -- that is crazy. My MD is good and all, but I don't think I'd get her for an hour and a half if I gave birth in her office! I am admittedly a bit of a bandwagon jumper -- like when I try something new and I like it, I become slightly obsessed, at least for a little while. Some obsessions stick (cereal, running, Nigella Lawson) others not so much (egg white omelettes, kick boxing, gluten free baking). I feel a little late to the naturopathy party, you're probably thinking, Emily I've been going to an ND for a decade, this is not news! I know, I know, but I am excited.

Now, back to my initial concerns, my ND told me to think about my life as a bucket. Okay I thought, I'm following. You need to take some things out of your bucket. And...Oh, that is your advice. It is as simple as that.

Take some things out of my bucket. Way better than antibiotics!

Of course she didn't mean don't take a course, or don't sign Vi up for another activity, but those are probably ways I could empty my bucket -- I could also drain a little coffee from the old bucket of life I bet. Probably skip the odd 5:15 work out in favour or sleep and a cuddle. I may not actually do these things, but at least I know I should. That is the first step, right?

The best part about taking things out of your bucket is that it makes room for more things, or perhaps more importantly, it makes more room for the things you love (like naturopaths...this week anyhow)



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