Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend update -- and links!

{good morning chapped lips}
I had the best intention of writing more this week. I even wrote a post for Friday, but didn't get a chance to share it. I've included my links at the bottom of this page, since week old links aren't as cool as fresh ones. I can't pinpoint why this week seemed like such a blur, but it did! 

One cute Violet story and then a bunch of pictures, sound good? So Violet has been doing a lot of singing lately. This morning while Jeff and I tidied up after breakfast I could hear her sing The Cat Came Back. "The cat came back the very next day, the cat came back the very next day, he thought it was an honour so the cat came back..." Such a positive spin on a dark little tune. 

Enjoy these snapshots of our weekend. I have good intentions about writing more this week. We'll see how that goes!



links for fun:

Eat well for less, yes please
I want my cheese to taste like "Icelandic ponies. Japanese cats on the Internet. Yawning puppies. Toddlers who give each other hugs. Goats climbing all over everything. Pink and green macaroons. Red pandas. Sparkly nail polish."
This is me at the Superstore
Its like she knew I wanted to try these again
Obama should resign, for real
A wooden bath mat? Genius!

{pretending to play hockey}

{the world is a stage}

{Violet and one of her market beaus}

{choosing her wares}

{having a good think before lunch} 
{having a good think before dessert}
{what is to think about?}
{Jeff got me a cookie scooper thing for Christmas -- OCD heaven}

{all the cookies look the same -- I don't know why that brings me pleasure!}

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