Tuesday, January 29, 2013

carrot & ginger soup

{healthy and delicious}
I am a soup liker, not a soup lover and before this weekend the thought of carrot ginger soup struck me as too healthy to possibly taste good. I thought carrot ginger soup was the kale of soups. Everyone says it is delicious, you know it is good for you, but you just can't bring yourself to eat it. We eat roasted vegetable soup on a regular basis, so I blame the ginger for my bias against this soup. Gingersnap, gingerbread, ginger ale: all good. Ginger the root that looks like an arthritic toe: only in small doses in specific recipes.

Anyway, enough talking smack about ginger, because I was eating crow after Jeff made this soup on the weekend. We used Jamie Oliver's parsnip and ginger soup recipe, and just subbed carrots for parsnips (they are one of the only veggies we can get this time of year, we are getting desperate!).

I was so pleasantly surprised by this soup. The ginger adds a subtle warmth to the sweet carrot soup, without making it taste medicinal. Jeff toasted some Kamut bread to make croutons -- also delicious. The soup is on the lighter side of things, and the croutons made me feel like we were actually eating a meal, not a snack. Kamut bread from Julians tastes like white bread, but supposedly it is healthy. I have my doubts, it is way too yummy to be good for you!

The chill was gone from the air in Halifax today, but when -9 feels tropical a hot bowl of soup is still in order. Like most soups it was even better the second time around.



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