Monday, February 4, 2013

the Ebola virus, gluten free cake & the best mum ever

{Nigella Lawson's mousse cake}
We don't really have the Ebola virus, just in case you were worried we were involved in a laboratory accident over the weekend. Parenthetically, whenever I type laboratory I always have to pronounce it like I am British to spell it right. (Final aside, should you ever write parenthetically, or is it a word that should be spoken? Just use parentheses when you are writing, right?).

I haven't left my bed in almost 48 hours, you'll have to excuse the minor delirium.

The flu this year kicked our butts. Note to self, get flu shots for the family in the future. I've gotten one every year since Violet was born, but since we never get the flu I thought, why bother. Nice logic, I know. Judge away. I am a complete idiot. Trust me, I'm paying for it.

Do you ever know you are getting sick, but have too much to do to let it happen? That was me on Saturday. My sweet mum had her birthday last week and Saturday was the day we choose to celebrate. Ebola virus be damned.

Last year I made my mum a Victoria Sponge because she couldn't have chocolate. This year gluten is the enemy ingredient so I made Nigella Lawson's chocolate mousse cake because a) it is absolutely delicious and b) it is gluten free. It literally is a mousse baked. Fudgey, dark and delicious, all with out trying too hard. Cake without icing has to really hold its own, you know? Nothing to hide behind but a dusting of powered sugar.

My mum is the kind of mum who takes your slightly sick daughter to her house when you are really sick and need to rest. She oozes love and generosity and is even more beautiful on the inside than the out (which is saying something because, as I've mentioned before, she is a stone cold fox.) I am so happy that she continues to mother me as I mother my daughter and I hope I am half as good at it as her someday. Half as good is really good when you have the best mum in the world.



{forgot to take my camera off manual -- this is supposed to be a picture of my mum!}

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