Wednesday, January 16, 2013

let it snow!

{rosy cheeks and anticipation}

Those are words I never thought I would say in January.

I'm winter's harshest critic and though warm weather this time of  year does make me feel a little uneasy about what the future holds for our little planet, a naughty part of me thinks bring on the heat! Well, winter is certainly doing what it ought to tonight: snow, snow, snow!

Unlike her mother, Violet absolutely loves winter. More specifically, Violet loves snow. After the first snowfall back in December (I think it was December), she grabbed a mitt full of the white stuff, brought it to her mouth, tasted it and then said to me, "Oh mum, the snow is so good this year." She is basically a sommelier of snow!

Jeff, being the dear husband that he is, walked home with me today so that we could both brave the hills to pick up Violet at Susie's. Jeff wouldn't call it brave, he would call it rational (and perhaps call me a little irrational when it comes to winter driving). I just don't like driving in the snow. Anyhow, we were all home together earlier than usual so Jeff took Vi out for a romp in the snow before dinner. Since being cold is not my bag, I set the table and made hot chocolate.

Is there anything cuter than bright red cheeks on a little kid? I love it. Vi looked so healthy and full of life when she came in from the cold. She ate a great supper and I just know she'll have a better sleep. Although she did warn us that after drinking hot chocolate and a glass of water with supper she might wet the bed.

Fair enough Vi. Thanks for the heads up!

Stay safe out there Halifax. It is a messy one.



{one marshmallow or two?}

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