Friday, January 4, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{skating in sub-zero temperatures}
It has been so freezing in Halifax this past week. I'm talking Prairie cold. Brrrrrr. We have tried to face the elements bravely -- we have a long Winter ahead of us after all. This has included several trips to the oval. There is something about an outdoor skate that takes the nip out of the air. (The oval provides short-term relief from the cold only. We get in and out in well under an hour!) Let me know if you want to meet us there.

{facebook friends unite}
These two little munchkins live on opposite ends of the continent but thanks to facebook they were excited to see each other over the holiday. How weird is that! How awesome is that more like it!

As an aside Violet wears the "queen puppy" shirt you see in this picture whenever she can. It has tulle, gems and a dog with a crown, what's not to love? Thanks mum. I'll get you back someday ;)

{cute, no?}
My husband is a stone cold fox. That is all.

{three and three quarters going on thirty}
There are disadvantages to being an only child, no doubt about it, but the position does come with a few perks. For example, because there is just one of you your parents drag you everywhere, including restaurants. Violet ordered sparkling water and ate rabbit the night I took this photo. Doesn't she look serious? She is three years old.  She may not learn to share, but I'll be damned if she is a picky eater!

Well, the first week of January is almost under our belts -- any resolutions? No, me either.  Well, I'm trying to drink more water (I drink zero water, I'm surprised I am still alive). Have a fun weekend stripping your home of holiday cheer!



linky-loos for your amusement:

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I  love Liberty of London and I would so wear these if I was tall (I would probably wear them if I was a teeny bit taller than I am)

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