Friday, November 30, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

{the first shipment of gifts}

I am so not a good gift wrapper, but it is not for lack of trying. I love the pretty paper, I have really sharp scissors, I always find a flat surface. Try as I might I am just not a natural gift wrapper. Jeff has flown the coup to write his CFA (it was all a guise to hang out with his best friends from university I think) and I actually had the foresight to send his family's gifs with him. Isn't that organized and grown up of me? I can say that because it is very out of character and therefore not bragging (right?).

{figgy figgy}

I saw these pretty little trees at the market two weeks ago and decided one would be mine. I should say one would be my next victim. I have a horrible track record with house plants. So far so good for this pretty little plant. The salesman warned me the leaves may all fall off (hello traumatic), but happily that hasn't happened. Figs remind me of my sweet friend Jayme, we used to laugh when people said wine smelled like fresh figs -- they have no smell people!!

This is not a picture of my date nut spice loaf. When I woke up this morning Jeff had already wrapped mine in about sixteen feet of Saran Wrap. He wanted to take it to his parents this weekend. Such a sweet son! I promise mine looked every bit as good as this though ;)

The return of Ina's date nut spice loaf is a joyous occasion -- For all her "I-live-in-the-Hamptons;- my -husbands'-name-is-Jeffrey;-I-only-use-the-finest-vanilla-from-Madagascar-nonesense, I love Ina Garten. Her recipes work every time and my family always love what I make.

Happy Weekend dear friends. Mine will be full of marking, but that is somehow more palatable since it will be the last marking of my esteemed (!!) career as a TA.

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