Monday, November 12, 2012

warm weather and head colds

{nothing like jumping into leaves, never mind the concrete!}
It was so nice out today. I really can't get over it. Vi and I were outside without jackets -- I actually was too hot in my sweater as I sipped my tea at the playground this afternoon. I was sipping tea because I have the worst of head colds. I can't breath, I have gone through two boxes of Kleenex (I admit I do not use it sparingly) and by the time evening rolls around I feel like my sinuses are going to explode through my face and fall onto whatever I am trying to read at the time -- not a great way to feel on a grading weekend. Damn you term papers.

We managed to have a lovely weekend despite being under the weather. We hung out with some of our favourite people and tried hard to connect with some others! When did three year olds get so busy? Violet definitely has a more lively social life than Jeff and I.

Speaking of Jeff's and my social life, we attempted a date night last night (it involved a burned copy of John Adams and a large box of Kleenex -- jealous?). Halfway through our first episode we were summoned by a pajama clad princess who wanted her mummy and daddy. Off to Bauer St. we went. As much as I wanted to relax with my main man I was touched Violet missed us. It was kind of sweet. Plus, at that point my head was reaching its breaking point and I ended up in bed shortly after the rescued princess nodded off.

What did you get up to this weekend? Were you able to play outside today? I sure hope so.



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