Sunday, December 2, 2012

come home

{feeling blue? might I suggest marzipan?}

I've always fancied myself an independent lady. I've lived on my own and I quite liked it, but my life is set up for two people right now and maintaining a two person life alone is hard. For instance, every Saturday at the crack of dawn my family heads to the market. Would I be this keen on my own? Maybe, but probably not. Why not? Because it totally stinks standing in line in the freezing cold to pay for parking, carrying a bag of root vegetables that matches your weight and buying milk that costs four times what you'd pay at Sobeys. Cold, heavy and expensive. Not fun. Yet somehow with Jeff market mornings seem magical, they are one of the highlights of my week. And what about watching movies? I love a good movie, but if I lived alone I would not have the tv in the scary/cold basement. I like retreating down there with Jeff, it is out of the way and cozy, but by myself it feels far away from Violet and a little creepy. Finally, if I lived alone I wouldn't look forward to Sunday runs because I would know I couldn't go. It wouldn't be part of my routine. As much as I love hanging out with Vi in the morning I look forward to my one run outside these days. Without Jeff at home whipping up waffles and watching cartoons I wouldn't look forward to it.

I am having a woe is me moment. Just indulge me.

So obviously I can't wait for Jeff to get home. Until then I'll eat some more stollen and go to bed with the lights on.



ps -- yes I always have holly berries in the background when I eat holiday treats. Who doesn't?

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