Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the remains of the day

I've never seen that movie, I just like the title.

Only a few more days until the CFA releases my husband and Violet's daddy so he can hang out with us over the holidays. Even though he is busy (understatement), Jeff is so sweet reading to Violet here, helping me with things around the house there. I am so ready for this drawn out study session to be over, but Jeff has juggled work, family life and his preparations like a champ. Come what may I am very proud of him

Last weekend we slowly got out a few Christmas things including a big box of Christmas books. Violet is loving all things Christmas this year even more than last (and that is saying something). Very cute. I am digging the pace of our ramp up to the holidays. Normally I do everything in one crazy blur of a weekend. Drawing out the process is kind of nice (even if it is just because my heavy lifting/ high up reaching husband has been otherwise disposed!).



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