Friday, November 23, 2012

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

This was the first week of my new job. It went well, thanks for asking. Jeff has been a champ juggling my new schedule while his own gets even busier with the count down on for his big exam. I've been taking the same route to work for the last eighteen months and even though I didn't really know any of the people I would pass everyday I kind of missed them this week. I wondered how my favourite crossing guard was doing (he always helped me cross, it is possible he thought I was in high school) and I wondered if the dog walkers in the park I passed through were still out in the cooler weather. I'm sure everyone is fine without me ;) In the spirit of embracing change here are a few things I am currently liking about my routine.

{all the pretty horses}
What am I, a ten year old? I've always liked these pretty creatures. There is a bar in Calgary that has the most beautiful photos of Sable Island horses, even though I have never been to Sable Island they always reminded me of home. These particular horses are near my parents house and they remind me of living there when Vi was a baby. My dad used to take her to see the horses early in the morning. I love thinking about both Vi and my dad on my walk to work.

{good great coffee}

TIBS within walking distance. Mothers lock up your daughters (read: Jeff lock up my debit card).

{holiday trim}

I like tinsel and I like coloured trees. Some people say tacky, I say festive. My mum and I set up a silver tree a few years ago and I love love loved it. Imagine my delight when I came across this super-sized red and gold beauty. All class.

And as an antidote to my gratitude:

I want to be Anne Lamott

I want to eat pumpkin squares (if they are half as good as the ones my sweet friend dropped off this week they will last a day -- hers lasted about twelve hours)

I want to wear this hat

I want to watch all of these before Christmas

I want to live here
Happy weekending friends!



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