Sunday, November 25, 2012

your ideal bookshelf

{not my ideal bookshelf, but they are pretty which is really the point of having books}
A few days ago Joanna, writer of one of my favourite blogs, talked about a new book called My Ideal Bookshelf. I haven't read it, but I can't wait to. I love books like this. In the book the author surveyed various cultural figures about the contents of their bookshelves -- so interesting! Do you think people bluffed? Like, oh my bookshelf only houses the classics, when really it is all Fifty Shades of Grey up in there? I have a similar book on my coffee table that asks chefs what they would want for their last meal. I love reading it and I love thinking about my own answer to the question (note to self: write a blog about my preferred last meal).

Anyhow this post got me thinking, what books would be on my ideal bookshelf. I've been mulling that question over all weekend. I've come up with a list, but I reserve the right to change it at any point and on any whim. Here goes: The Corrections; Operating Instructions (Joanna has this on her list too, I read it while I was pregnant with Violet and absolutely fell in love with Anne Lamott, she has so much spunk); Persuasion; On Beauty; Anne of Green Gables; Mercy Among the Children and War and Peace (I've read it, for real I promise). I'm sure I am forgetting something...

Want to play?

What books would be on your ideal bookshelf?



ps -- I also love thinking about what books would be on other people's bookshelves. My mum for example, hers would have a strong Victorian contingent, a good dose of maritime lit (the more depressing the better), something by Flannery, Willa and Wendell and at least one No. 1 Ladies. Did it get that right mum?

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