Monday, November 19, 2012

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Apparently when you have to write an exam for work you get the computer with the working keyboard

Or so says my husband

As you may recall the period on my keyboard doesn't work -- since there isn't much point in repairing a five year old macbook I've been pinching Jeff's to write my notes to you

Tonight he needed his computer

I was not impressed

He should really get his priorities in order, sheesh

I have a "to do before I am thirty" post all ready to go (in my head of course), but I simply can't write it without a period (of all the keys to malfunction the period may be the worst)

For now all I can offer you is a cute picture of a pyjama clad girl -- oh and a quick, cute, unpunctuated story -- Violet was saying grace before supper tonight and she said, "dear god, thanks for the food even though I know already that I will not like it"

Nothing if not honest

Supper was mediocre -- Violet has good instincts, I'll give her that

I promise I will steal my husband's computer tomorrow and write a proper post!

Until then,



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