Friday, November 16, 2012

clear hearts, full hearts, can't lose

{flowers in November}

I have the opposite of a green thumb. Imagine my delight when my outdoor flowers continue to bloom into November (can we call this late November?). Maybe this is totally normal in this part of the world, I've never really paid attention. All I know is that I like little white flowers more than little white snowflakes.

{Christmas Creep}
People react strongly to Christmas preparations in November; they fully embrace them or they disdain them. I've generally fancied December 1st the official date after which Christmas cheer is welcome, but since having Violet I feel extra excited around holidays. Christmas creep has officially begun (via Micheal Buble if you must know). I'm reading The Happiness Project for my book club and the author explains how anticipation is a big part of fun and fun is a big part of happiness. Why not start the fun now? (I draw the line at celebrating before Remembrance Day, it just feels wrong)

Note: picture from last Christmas, I'm not completely crazy!

It is such a delight watching Violet develop real friendships. I miss the days of hanging out with friends for hours. It is so much harder to develop those bonds with busy "grown-up" lives. I like living vicariously through Violet as she and her friends simply enjoy each other's company. It is also a reminder to me to pick up the phone and hang out with some of my lady-friends (or at least pick up the phone and chat!).

Have a great weekend!It will be another girlie weekend on Newton Avenue -- crunch time for sweet Mr. Pond. Only a few more weeks until we can all relax for the holidays!

Here are some fun links:

Only in the US; try to name Stephen Harper's kids...he has kids, right?

Venetians make floods look stylish (see photo 15) 

I finally watched this movie -- Suzy is the new Margot, I love it! 

It is getting colder -- time to fatten up! 

I'm terrible with make-up, but how pretty are these? 

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