Tuesday, July 31, 2012

warm summer nights

{any excuse to have a picnic}
I am still in denial that my vacation is over so in an attempt to feel "vacation-esque" we decided to dine al fresco this evening. Okay it was just an ordinary picnic, but al fresco sounds so continental I couldn't resist! We dined at a local playground, which is not very continental at all, but Violet had fun running through the sprinkler while Jeff and I hung out in the shade.

I picked up a new picnic blanket while I was in PEI. My mum, Violet and I stopped by a yard sale in an old log cabin on our way to the ferry -- it cost a whopping five dollars! Just another reason I love that little island.

The breeze was refreshing, supper tasted better because we ate outside and Violet went to sleep so easily because she had skipped, galloped and run out all her giggles at the playground. If I must work (gosh I wish I was a member of the aristocracy), then this is not a bad way to pretend like I am on an extended holiday. There really are a lot of hours after work, I just never know where they go!



{so easily pumped about almost anything: awesome}

{mixed prints}

{pretty cute for five bucks, huh?}

{dinner conversation -- don't mind the quinoa!}

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