Friday, July 20, 2012


{excited, but a little nervous at the movies}

I am on vacation!

As I sit and write this it is the middle of the day and a cool breeze is blowing in our living room window. Sweet Violet is sound asleep on the couch beside me. We brought Jeff a picnic lunch and checked out the tall ships. Holy crowds. The ships are breathtaking; Violet was particularly taken with the Halifax-Dartmouth ferry ;) In her defence it did have festive flags festooning its upper-deck. In a matter of hours we will be off to PEI for a week. A whole week. I haven't had a summer vacation in years! I am very excited. I have my fingers crossed for sun, sun and more sun.

The great thing about PEI beaches is how warm the water is. If you are a member of the Harris clan, another great thing is that you get to go home to a fabulous meal prepared by Nanny and Pop -- they live in PEI and they never go to the beach. I don't get it! But, I will eat that lobster roll ;)

Given the number of emoticons in this post, can you tell I am just a little excited.

Cute Violet story before I leave you for a whole week. (Whatever will you do ;) She and I went to see the new Madagascar movie last night. It was our first time at the theatre together. Jeff has taken Violet to a few matinees, but this was her first evening show. She liked it, but assured me she wouldn't watch the scary parts again. (There were no scary parts.)

On our way out of the movie Violet saw a Spiderman poster and said, "there is Spiderman." I have no idea how she knows who Spiderman is. Does that make me a bad mum!? Anyway, there was a huge line up of teenagers waiting to see the new Batman movie, as we were walking past them Violet said, "look mum, "Black-man". I was obviously mortified. Thankfully she was pointing at the Batman poster. Then she looked and me and said, "I love Black-man." Oh Violet.

I explained to her that the superhero is called Batman, but she refused to believe me. "No mum, it is Black-man, just like, you know, Purple-Girl. I love Black-man and Purple-Girl".

Whatever floats your boat Vi.

Have a great week. Hopefully when I check in again I will be a much browner version of myself.



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