Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby W

{Amelia doesn't know the sex of her baby so Keira planned a rubber ducky theme - hence the red and yellow}

To celebrate the impending arrival of my good friend's baby I hosted a baby shower in her honour this past weekend. "Host" is not really an accurate portrayal of my role for the day. It was our mutual friend Keira who really got the party off the ground (with a healthy dose of support from both grandmas-to-be, of course!). I really just offered up my centrally located apartment and let the good times roll!

My friend Amelia is one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever seen. She manages to make pregnancy look good in 100% humidity -- that is saying something! She is busy working on the cutest nursery. She is also the type of woman who can turn an old wooden palate into a gorgeous headboard for her guest room and not break a sweat. (As opposed to the type of woman who can turn a paid off credit card into a big fat bill in order to get her house looking better...not that I know anyone like that...)

As I mentioned, Amelia and her husband chose not to find out the sex of their baby (an incredible feat in and of itself) so Keira thought a rubber ducky themed shower with a retro feel would be a good uni-sex option. Good idea huh? I thought it would be funny to make a sign that said "Congratulations Mother Ducker", but the idea didn't seem to take off ;) I can't imagine why not...

In sticking with the red and yellow/ retro theme I decided to make Thomas Keller's pineapple upside down cake. Um, it was not that good. It looked pretty and it was definitely consistent with out colour scheme, but the middle didn't cook all the way (I cut the cake in the kitchen and gave everyone smaller pieces so I don't think they noticed, although I am giving away my secret here) and the fruit made the cake a little soggy. (Side note I actually laid eyes on Keller in his restaurant Bouchon, our meal was ridiculously good and I was totally star struck).

Thomas Keller, you may be a culinary genius but your pineapple upside down cake stinks -- there is no nice way to say it!

The shower was a really fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I really cannot wait to meet this little baby -- who will most likely be born with a glue gun in hand knowing Amelia!


{diaper cake}

{puffs are so festive}

{garden flowers}

{nothing says a party like helium balloons}

{Keira made tonnes of sweet ducky bunting}

{pineapple upside down cake - meh}

{devilled eggs: yellow and red, and retro!}

{cheesecake strawberries -- so good}

{I love these straws}

{the spread}

{the spread v.2}

{yes that is a rubber ducky in a bubble bath}

{the guess of honour [left] and our beautiful friend Alanna - two preggos}

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