Wednesday, July 18, 2012

real life

{Violet added the sprinkles -- obviously}

I read an article recently that lamented the fact that since the advent of facebook, blogs and other social media everyone seems to be portraying a highly stylized version of their life. The author begged everyone to please stop being so awesome. Isn't it a little exhausting living your life and running a full time PR campaign? Lower the bar people! Life is not a magazine photo shoot.

It is natural to want to make sure your house, your kids or even your own face look their best before you publish a photo for all the world to see. It is not like people didn't care about these things before facebook; the news cycle has just gotten shorter.

I am just as guilty of this as the next person. I love all pictures of Violet, but I am even more thrilled if she happens to be wearing a particularly cute outfit. I love sharing ideas about recipes with you , but I would never take a picture on the nights we have KD. But we do occasionally eat KD and Violet is occasionally wearing a mismatched outfit and that is okay. The world will continue if my coffee table books are out of place. No one cares.

Tonight Violet and I made rice krispie squares; they did not look perfect. She decorated them herself with gratuitous amounts of garishly coloured sprinkles. Her hair was wet from playing outside at Susie Q's and flat in the back from sitting in a dentist chair. She was wearing a hand-me-down dress that she adorned with a huge strawberry shortcake sticker. Even her smile was kooky because she was trying really hard to say cheese.  I know I am biased, but she is every bit as cute as the days where I painstakingly choose her outfit and comb her hair and ask her to pose in perfect lighting. She definitely enjoyed those rice krispie squares more than something fancy. Especially since she decorated them herself, by the fist full!

This is what our life really looks like. Not too bad, huh?



{unstyled but so cute}

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