Monday, July 30, 2012

I wanna go back

{beach bum}
The smell of sunscreen and sweat, messy hair made crunchy by salt water, worn pages from hours of uninterrupted reading, watermelon juice running down a sun-kissed chin -- there is nothing quite like a summer holiday. A holiday is like a good night sleep on steroids. I feel better, I look better, I think I am even a better mum and a better wife. All it took was a week on a beach. I'll take one a month please and thank you. 

Wanna see some pictures?

Come on, you're bored at work, indulge me!

{the littlest jam maker}
The first day of our vacation we made strawberry jam, all four generations of Harris women lent a hand. Don't get too excited, Violet was the only one to go topless ;)

{she's still got those cheeks}
{private beach}
The cottage we stayed at was so sweet. We had a huge grassy lawn that overlooked this beach. Violet loved running in the clover. My mum, who is allergic to bees, not so much. Excitement with every step!

{action shot}

{how I spent a lot of the week}

{best nana ever}

{best papa ever}

{kindred spirits}

{mama's shades and lip gloss}

{fast friends}
Violet met a friend at the Murray River parade. I love small town parades. Lots of vintage cars, princesses in fishing boats and every under-12 hockey team that plays on our end of the island! We were in Brad Richards country remember. Hockey is king.

{break it down}

{fantasy land}

{this cracks me up!}

{not as fun as I remembered}
Fantasy Land is a playground my parents and my sweet great-uncle Keith used to take me to when I was a little girl. I loved it. It was magical. There were lots of nursery rhyme characters scattered in the woods. It was the best playground I'd ever been to. Walt Disney apparently made Fantasy Land change its name (it is now known as King's Castle) -- can't you see how people would mistake this awesome airplane ride for Disneyland? The park is in need of a major facelift and the mosquitos seemed worse than ever. Maybe you can't ever really go home...

{Lobster Supper}
Lobster suppers are the best deal going. I've been quite a few times growing up but I really wanted Jeff to experience it. The good folks of Murray Harbour prepared a delicious spread including lobster (duh), potato salad, biscuits, coleslaw, jello salad (yuck), rolls, various squares and strawberry shortcake. Everyone eats together at long tables in the rink. Everyone drinks copious amounts of very strong tea. It is awesome. After we bought our tickets I left Jeff for a minute to visit the ladies room, but I overheard someone say, "is she a Harris?". Jeff said I was and that I was Ron's granddaughter and Mark's daughter. The person didn't know my dad or my grandfather and he still knew I was a Harris! I think that deserves a yikes!!

{pretty canola}

{the way they are looking at each other melts my heart}

{profile picture}

{I am so lucky to have such great parents}

{feel the love!}
Back to reality this week. It is always nice to sleep in your own bed isn't it?

Did you miss me? I sure missed you!




  1. I truly did miss you and I'm not even kidding. How refreshing to take a look inside your perfect summer vacation that I too used to experience every single summer of my childhood. PEI will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for making me homesick with each and every post you share. ;)

  2. Nikki! I have a solution: move home! Or, come visit in the summer and we can meet you in PEI and on the South Shore. Surely then Greg will see how great life in NS is ;) get summer all year right. That sounds pretty awesome too. Love your new bike by the way. So pretty, so you!