Saturday, July 7, 2012

lebanese festival

In Halifax? No weekend plans?

Get yourself to the Lebanese festival. Make sure you bring your date. If you both eat copious amounts of garlic it doesn't matter right?

Festivals always make me feel like I live in a bigger city than I do, which I really like. I feel the same way when we have to wait to be seated at a restaurant. I know it sounds silly, but I really love it! Maybe it is the small town girl in me. I get a little giddy in a big crowd. I like feeling part of something big.

The hustle and bustle of the festival is great, but let's be honest the food is the real show stopper. Jeff, Vi and I shared a veggie and meat platter -- holy hannah! If you are in Halifax this weekend and in want of some delicious, reasonable priced food head to Cunard and Windsor St. So dang good.

Now get going, there is Za'atar to eat!



{we walked to the Festival - Vi hasn't been in a stroller for at least a year}

{I think she is too big for it}

{lebanese food of the vegetarian variety}

{meat on sticks}

{white men can't jump, but they can lift toddlers really high up in the air}


{does this not capture what childhood should be like?}

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